Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Acker, Allen James  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I22
2 Bertrand, Armeline  1922Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I790
3 Burke, Letitia  1923Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I1402
4 Como, Earl Calvin  12 Nov 1996Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I2100
5 Como, Eathen Allen  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I2101
6 Como, Henry  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I2110
7 Como, Maude May  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I2132
8 Como, Nathan Allen  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I2137
9 Como, Ruth Frances  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I2143
10 Hoadley, Charles Edward  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I4356
11 Hutt, Fred Mowat  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I4579
12 LaFlair, Catherine L.  30 Apr 1942Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I5067
13 LaFlair, James A.  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I5120
14 LaFlair, Lawrence  13 Feb 1971Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I5149
15 Lassial, Lonnie Michael  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I5518
16 Merry, Spencer E.  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I6414
17 Miller, Caroline Amelia  1919Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I6471
18 Mitchell, Marion Spaulding  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I6565
19 Murphy, Kathleen Frances  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I6736
20 Murray, June E.  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I6748
21 Nevin, Henry Francis  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I6787
22 Paquette, Gertrude  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I7105
23 Proctor, Charles Edward  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I7654
24 Rehor, Harriet  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I7999
25 Santaus, Bertha Ann  1 Nov 1918Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I18777
26 Walker, Charlotte Catherine  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I9878
27 Walker, Elizabeth Louise  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I9881
28 Walker, George Ernest  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I9882
29 Walker, Robert Dixie  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I9894
30 Walker, William George  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I9897
31 Walling, William Christopher  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I9926
32 Wicks, Buela Vina  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I10052
33 Wicks, David Albert  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I10054
34 Wicks, Henrietta  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I10093
35 Wicks, John Albert  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I10077
36 Wicks, Joseph Henry  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I10083
37 Wicks, Joseph Henry  Ogdensburg Cemetery, NY I10084