Maps of Ogdensburg

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Early Maps of Fort LaPresentation

1749: Map of the "mission" at the mouth of the Oswegatchie River established by French Sulpician Francois Picquet (National Archives of France)


1751: Anonymous Plan and Elevation of Fort de la Presentation. (National Archives of France)


1752: Map and elevation of Fort LaPresentation. (National Archives of France)


Maps: City of Ogdensburg



Present Day: map prepared by Garret Cook, an archaeolgist of 30 years experience with the Anthropology Dept. at the New York State University at Postadm, who directed excavations at the site of Fort LaPresentation.


Map showing location of city

1812: This map shows Ogdensburg just prior to invasion by British troops who crossed the frozen St. Lawrence River, attacking the city from two directions. Fort LaPresentation is located on the west bank of the Oswegatchie River as indicated by the square. The fort at the right side of the river is Fort Levis. (Photo of original by Ted Como)

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1836: Earliest map of the Village of Ogdensburgh made one year after construction of the lighthouse and when the ruins of Ft. LaPresentation, burned in the British attack during the war of 1812, remained (although not shown on map). The population at the time was 2,300. (Photo of original by Ted Como)

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1853: We are greatly indebted to David Martin of Ogdensburg who spent many weeks scanning in this huge map piece by piece, and then reassembled it. A wonderful highlight are the art reproductions of homes and buildings which surround the map. The original may be found at the Ogdensburg Public Library. (This copy courtesy of the St. Lawrence County Historical Association.).

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1865: This map is from the New Topographical Atlas of St. Lawrence County from actual surveys. It is of greatest historical importance since it plots nearly every residence and business in the city and lists the owners/operators along the bottom. Many thanks to David Martin of Ogdensburg for assembling it. (Courtesy the St. Lawrence County Historical Association.)

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1874: Hand-drawn view of the city from 1874, showing the city in three dimensions. The original is hung at the Ogdensburg Public Library. (Photo of original by Ted Como)


Harbor Map

Layout of power canal & offshoots

1927: Rough map not to exact scale taken from The History of the City of Ogdensburg/Rt. Rev. P.S. Garand, D.D., V.G. representing the city in 1927.

Misc. maps

1800 map of NYS

Map showing major land grants.

Fort Levis on island near Chimney Point.

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18th Century map of New York State showing La Presentation's strategic importance.

Map of St. Lawrence Valley drawn during French & Indian War


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