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101 - 1851 Canadian census has at Dundas, Ontario, Lewis Viancour, 86; Fanny, 58; and Francis, 35 (male). In 1851, our Frances would have been 79, if age is correct.

- 1861 Canadian census at Edwardsburgh, Grenville, Ontario, is Fanny Viancore, 85, indicating a 1776 birth year.

- In 1851 there is a Viancour family in Edwardsburg where Solomon lived at one time: Thomas Vancour, 35, b. 1818, U.S., wife Mary, 30, b. 1822, Ireland, and children Peter, 9; Jane, 7; P. 3 and M., 2.

- 13 Feb 1810, Notre Dame de Quebec, marry Louis Arnault dit Villeneuve, first son of Andre Arnault dit Villeneuve and Marie Portras, and Francoise Laurent, minor dau. of Pierre Laurent did Lorty, and Francoise Nomard dit LaFlamme.

- Notre Dame de Quebec: 16 May 1811, baptize Anathalie, of Louis Arnault dit Villeneuve and Francoise Lorain.
Laurent, Francoise (I13446)
102 - 1851 Canadian census, Edwardsburgh, Grenville County, has Charles, 40, and Deborah, 34, Peoples and children: what appears to be Eletiuet, 13; Caroline, 10; James, 4; and what appears to be Millian, 2. There is no Archibald, unless that is Eletuet.

- The marriage record for Charles' daughter Caroline lists his name as Thomas, rather than Charles.

- 1861 Canadian census at Edwardsburg (not in same household) are Charles Peoples, 52; (abt. 1809;) John Peoples, 61 (about 1800) and Alexander Peoples (about 1807) very likely brothers.

- Charles Peoples is found in the 1800 Edwardsburg census with two boys and one girl. 1801 census: Peoples Charles age approx. 29; 2 boys 1 girl; 1802 census: Peoples Charles and Margaret and 2 boys and 2 girls; 1803 census: Peoples, Charles and Margaret with 3 boys and 1 girl; 1817 Census: Margaret is a widow with 3 boys & 1 girl.

- Charles Peoples in 1812 is age 20. Charles born around 1792 married Deborah around 1812. Four children by 1830 census ; one child male under age 16, two male children over 16, and 1 female under 16. Edwardsburg census 1845 Charles Jr. & Deborah have five children. Girl born 8 March 1840 is Caroline Peoples. Caroline will marry Andrew LaFlair around 1865. They will raise 7 children (five survive) in Ogdensburg, and live beside his father Solomon LaFlair born 1818 and Elizabeth Bean, 1824. Archibald Peoples is another son; married to Jane Morrison, January 10, 1833 both of Edwardsburg, by banns. Wit. James Sly & John Norman. Rev. Philander Smith Methodist Episcopal Church. 1841 they have 8 children. Another son is John Peoples born 1800 has 4 children by 1830.
Peoples, Charles (I7197)
103 - 1851 Canadian census: George Raymond, 22, b. Upper Canada and wife Emma, 22, b. England, are farmily at Cornwall, Ontario.

- 1861 Canadian census: Martha E. Raymond, 31, b. England, 1830, resides in Cornwall, Stormont, Ontario, with husband George, 31, farmer, and children Alonzo, 5, and Amelia L., 3.

- 1871 census: George, 40, Weslyan Methodist, origin German, b. Cornwall, resides in Cornwall with wife Martha, 40; and children Alonzo, 15; Amelia, 12; Lida, 6; and Mary, 1.

- 1881: George, 50 and Emma, 49, are farming at Cornwall, with daughters Lida, 16 and Mary, 10; and son Alonzo, 25 and his wife Ann, 25.

- 1901: Emma, 69, widowed, resides Cornwall with Alonzo's wife Annie, 44; her apparent sons Arthur, 18 and Roy, 15. 
Tyrrell, Martha Emma (I17363)
104 - 1851 census at Dundas are Elainder Markete, 31; Elysabeth, 22; Maryann, 16; Lydia, 12; John, 4. Living next door to Benjamin, 34 and wife Caroline, 30 on one side; and John, 50 and Maryann, 39, on the other with their sons William, Edward and John.
While Elysabeteh is Elainder's wife, the children are not their's. 
Marquette, Elainder (I17718)
105 - 1851 census of Canada has, at Mountain, Dundas, Ontario, Lewis Viancour, 80, (1771) wife Fanny Viancour, 68, (1783) and daughter Francis Viancour, 35 (1816.) Viancour, Lewis (I14131)
106 - 1851 census, Canada, Fenelon, Victoria County: Samuel Bice, 43; Pensey, 40; Maria, 16; Simon, 16; William, 22; Isaac, 12; Charlotte, 8; Hamilton, 10; Margaret, 6; Louis, 4; Nancy, 2. All W. Methodists.

Living next door to them are the Umphreys including James, 54, likely husband of Pensey's sister Bethiah, who reportedly died young: James, 54; Elizabeth, 35; James, 21; Alex, 19; Hiram, 17; Archibald, 10; Belinda, 6; and Elizabeth, 1. James remarried to Elizabeth who at 35 was born in 1816 (Bethia was born 1801.) If they married when Elizabeth was around 18, the children are her's with the possible exception of James, 21, and maybe Alex, 19, who would be children of Bethia. Really no way to confirm any of this other than in any Victoria County census info. 
Mattison, Pennsylvania (I10820)
107 - 1851 Census: Drusilla Como resides at Dunham, residing with the Edward Ryhem family. Comeau, Drucilla (I12450)
108 - 1851, age 16, resides with siblings with their uncle Elainder Marquette at Mountain, Ontario. Marquette, Maryann (I17855)
109 - 1851. Age 12, residing at Mountain, Dundas, with uncle Elainder Marquette and wife Elizabeth.

- Could by Lydia A. Massel, residing in 1861 at right age at Matilda, Dundas. 
Marquette, Lydia (I17856)
110 - 1851: At Stormont: George Tyrrel, 28 (1823) laborer, b. England with wife and all kids b. Upper Canada: Angeline, 28; (1824) Margaret, 10; 1842 Caroline, 7; 1845 George, 5; 1847 William, 3 1849 and Emma, 1. Subdistrict 346, p. 27

- 1861: George Tyrel, 39, is at Stormont, miller, b. England, wife is Angeline, 40, b. Lower Canada; children are Margaret, 18; b. Lower Canada, and rest born Upper Canada: Caroline, 16; George, 14; William, 12; Emma, 10; Sara Ann, 7; Sophia, 4; Jessie Jane, 2.

- 1871: George 48, is at Bear Creek, Waupaca, WI wih Angeline, 50; William, 21; Sarah, 16; Sophia, 13; Jessie, 11. There is a Hannah, 20, who likely is William's wife. Next door is Charles Tyrrell, 25; and Margaret, 27, b. Canada; and Harry, 3 and Lorzano, 7 mos., b. WI. Charles is the right age for George's son George. No Charles shows up in prior census as George's son.
Tyrrell, George (I16812)
111 - 1851: Matilda Tyrrel, 16 (1836) is a servant in home of Andrew, 34 and Sarah Dunbar, 30, at Cornwall, Ontario. She was b. Upper Canada, Church of England. Dunbar was b. Ireland, 1818.

- 1860 U.S. census, Ogdensburg First Ward: Marinda is 25 and born Canada. She is living with husband Nelson Commo and three sons, William (5), John (3) and George (6 months). Marinda is listed as not being able to read or write.

- 1870 U.S. census, Ogdensburg: Marinda is 38 and living with husband Nelson Como. She was born in Canada. Her children in the house are William (14), John (12), George (10) and Lavina (1).

- 1880 U.S. census, Ogdensburg, Marinda is 44 and living with husband Nelson (68). Children in the house are William (24), John (20), George (20), lavina (11) and Mary (7). Marinda is listed as having been born in Canada with her parents born in England.

- 1900 U.S. census, Ogdensburg: Marinda is 65 and is living with son John Como and his family at 83 King St. She was born in November of 1834 and was married when she was 19. She has had seven children and five are still alive. She was born in Canada and her parents were born in England. She is working as a housekeeper. Years in US: 46; can read, write and speak English; did not attend school. Living next door at 85 King is John and Delia Thayer.

- 1910 U.S census, Ogdensburg: Rena Como is 76 years and widowed. She is living with her son-in-law Henry F. Nevin and daughter Vina and their children. She was born in England as were both of her parents.

- Death record: Marinda Turell Como died 3 May 1910. Father was William Turell, born Canada, mother is unknown. Her age was 75 years, 5 months, 4 days. Her occupation was retired. She was born in Canada Nov. 9, 1834. Residence was 64 N.Y. Avenue in Ogdensburg. Cause of death was Bright's Disease. Dr. Stillwell was attending physician. She was buried in the Ogdensburg Cemetery.

- Daily News: Mrs. Miranda Como died last night at the home of her son-in-law, Henry Nevin, 64 New York Ave., at the age of 75 years. The funeral of Mrs. Malinda Como will be held from the home of Henry Nevin 64 New York Ave., Friday morning at 10 o'clock, Rev. A. M. officiating.

- Nelson Como and Miss Marinda Tyrel were married at the Methodist Parsonage on Caroline St., Ogdensburg, NY, Oct. 12, 1854 by Rev. T. Newman.

- The 1900 census shows Marinda emigrated into the U.S. in 1854, the same year she married Nelson Como.
Tyrrell, Marinda (I16808)
112 - 1860 at Lisbon: Joseph Laflare, 25; (b. 1835) Mariah Laflare, 30; (1830) Richard, 2; Sophia, 5 mos. Joseph and Mariah b. Canada; kids US, so in U.S. abt. 1857. So should be in 1851 Canadian when Joseph 16 and Mariah 21.

- 1880, Lisbon, Joseph, 48; Maria, 53; Richard, 21; Mary, 17; Martha, 15; Jennie, 12; Joseph, 10.

- July 27, 1898: A man named Joseph Laflair, who lives opposite Big Island in the Town of Lisbon, is reported to have fallen out of his boat and was drowned Wednesday afternoon. About 4 o'clock he was seen standing up in his boat near the middle of the river a little below the Canadian lighthouse by the men on the O&LCRR depot, and shortly afterwards was seen struggling in the river a short distance from his boat. Mr. McGannon's people rowed out and got the boat.

- The body of Joseph Laflair was found floating in the middle of the St. Lawrence river opposite the Windmill Light Tuesday morning about half past ten o'clock, and was towed to the 0 . T. elevator and tied to the dock. J. G Westbrook, manager of the elevator, notified Undertaker H. S. Nuttall, who took charge of the body. The coroner was also notified. Joseph Laflair lived in the Town of Lisbon, opposite Big Island, and was drowned from his boat near the Windmill, Tuesday, July 19th, at about four o'clock in the afternoon.
LaFlair, Joseph (I12282)
113 - 1860 census: Alfred, 17, (b. 1843) resides in Gouverneur with parents and siblings.

- 1861: John Thayer and three of his sons (John Jr., Robert and Alfred) all enlisted in the 16th New York Infantry in 1861. Potsdam: Oct. 16, 1861: "Capt. George Parker passed through this village last evening en route for the headquarters of his regiment with the following named recruits, whom he had enlisted at and near Gouverneur: John Thayer, Jr. and Alfred Thayer. The father and another son of the above Thayers (Robert) are already in Capt. Parker's company." All served in Company D of the 16th New York Infantry. John Thayer Sr. was first to enlist on May 1, 1861 at age 44; Robert enlisted the next day on May 2, 1861 at age 21; Alfred enlisted Sept. 19, 1861 at age 19; and John Jr. on Sept. 27, 1861 at age 27. Robert was discharged later that year on Dec. 10, 1861 due to a concussion from falling from a railroad car; John Sr. and John Jr. were discharged together "for disability" on Feb. 20, 1862 at Alexandria Va.; and Alfred went through the war, was wounded at Gaines Mills, VA June 17, 1862 and discharged for disability, but re-enlisted and was discharged as a full sergeant July 31, 1865, at Manchester, VA. All of them participated in the battles at Pohock Church, Va. on Sept. 21 and again on Oct. 4. About a week later, Robert fell from a railroad car and suffered a brain concussion. He did not participate in any further battles and was discharged Dec. 10. John Sr. and John Jr. were discharged the following February without engaging in any further battles. Alfred went on to participate in battles at West Point, Va. in May 7, 1862, Mechanicsville, Va. May 22; Chickahominy, Va. June 1, and Gaines Mill, Va. June 27 when he was wounded. He was at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Va. Dec. 11-15, 1863; Franklin's Crossing, Va. April 29-May 2, and Marye's Heights and Salem Church, Va. May 3-4, 1863; and discharged in July, 1865.

- U.S. Civil War record: Alfred Thayer, residence, Gouverneur, NY; occupation, carpenter; age at enlistment: 19; enlisted Sept. 19, 1861 at Gouverneur in Co. D., NY 16th on Oct. 8, 1861. He was wounded and received a disability discharge from Co. D, 16th Infantry on Jan. 17, 1863 at Point Lookout, MD. Nevertheless, he re-enlisted on Sept. 16, 1863, in Co. I, NY20th Cavalry Regiment. He was promoted to full corporal on Sept. 18, 1863, and promoted to full sergeant June 5, 1865. He was mustered out July 31, 1865 at Manchester Va. Birth date: Nov. 4, 1842; death date: Sept. 22, 1913; death place: Soldiers' Home, Quincy, Illinois; sources: NY Report of the Adjutant General; Research by lBlenheim Research Group; GAR Dept. of Illinois, death rolls.

- 1880 census: Alfred Thayer, 41 (b.1839) barber, b. NY, father, England; mother, France; resides in Saginaw, Michigan, District 302, with wife Mary J., 26 (b. 1854) b. Ohio and parents, NY; and children Eddie, 13; and Willard, 9, both born Illinois with father, NY and mother, Ohio.
- 1910 U.S. census, Alfred, 71, and Mary, 58, reside at Decatur, Ill. They have been married for 40 years (1870.) He says he was born in VT, his father in Mass. and his mother, France; and she and her parents were born in Ohio.
Thayer, Alfred (I9428)
114 - 1860 census: At Malone, NY, are Oliver Duno, 28; Matilda, 24 and Mary, 3 mos. (Last name variously Duneau, Duneault, Denault, Daigneau, Denica, Denio, Denny, Deno.)

- 1870 census: Ogdensburg: Oliver Denny, 39; Matilda, 36; Mary, 10; Maggie, 8; Daffield, 6; Matilda, 4; John, 1; Hiram, 3 mos. They are residing with: Amelia Lalaw, 66; Joseph Lalaw, 16; and Lizzie Lalaw, 14.

- 1880 census at Ogdensburg: Oliver Denio, 48; Matildey, 44; Mary, 20; Maggie, 18; Oliver, 15; Matildey, 14; George, 10; Josephine, 5; Jessa, 4; Henry, 3.

- 1882: There is an Ogdensburg grocer named Oliver Denault.

- Ogdensburg Journal: Mrs. Mary Denno LaFlair, 62, widow of Louis LaFlair, succumbed at the home of her daughter, Mrs.Edward Gascon, South Hammond, Sunday morning (Jan. 31, 1943) at 1 o'clock. She resided at 1027 Jefferson Ave., city, but went to the home of her daughter three months ago to pass the winter. Born in Malone, Mar. 5, 1860, Mrs. LaFlair was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Denno, who later moved to this city. She was well known here, having passed virtually all her life in Ogdenshurg. Her husband died seven years ago. She was a member of Notre Dame Church. Surviving are the following sons and daughters, Edgar and Abner of Ogdensburg, Mrs. Edward Gascon of South Hammond, Mrs. Fred Brendt and Mrs. Charles Brendt of Syracuse, Mrs. Martin Belloux and Fred LaFlair of Buffalo, Wyoming; Miss Lulu of Brooklyn, Miss. May of Rochester, Alvin of Northwest Canada, Theodore of Arkansas and Harvey of Syracuse; three sisters, Mrs. Matilda McPherson and Mrs. Henry Robinson of Ogdensburg and Mrs. Emma Popps of Niagara Falls. The funeral will be held from 1027 Jefferson Ave., Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. and a half hour later at Notre Dame Church. The body will be placed in the vault at St. Mary's Cemetery.

- Hammond NY Advertiser, Thursday, Feb. 4, 1943: Funeral services were held yesterday morning in Ogdensburg for Mrs. Mary Denno LaFlair, 82, widow of Louis LaFlair of that city, who died Sunday morning at 1 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Edgar Gascon of South Hammond. She had been spending the winter at the Gascon home. Mrs. LaFlair was born in Malone March 5, 1860, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Denno. She moved to Ogdensburg as a girl and had lived there most of her life. She was a member of Notre Dame church. Mr. LaFlair died seven years ago. Surviving are the following sons and daughters: Edgar and Abner LaFlair of Ogdensburg; Mrs. Gascon of this place; Mrs. Fred Brehdt and Mrs. Charles Brendt of Syracuse; Mrs. Martin Belloux and Fred LaFlair of Buffalo, Wyoming; Miss Lulu LaFlair of Brooklyn; Miss May LaFlair of Rochester; Alvin LaFlair of Northwest Canada; Theodore LaFlair of Arkansas, and Harvey LaFlair of of Syracuse. There are also three sisters and several grandchildren. The funeral was held in Notre Dame church and the body placed in the vault in St Mary's Cemetery to await burial in the spring. 
Denny, Mary A. (I2801)
115 - 1860 census: Harriet D. is 4 and resides in Gouverneur, NY

- As per the Jackson County, MI marriage index (Family Search) on Aug. 25, 1876, Jackson City, Jackson County, Mich., Harriet Thayer of Jackson, 19, b. NY, married George W. Eagle, 21, of Jackson, b. Indiana. Witnesses: Annie Potter and Charles L. Livinge. Since Harriet's brother Sylvester lived in Jackson and her mother was there in 1880, there is little doubt this is our Harriet.
Thayer, Harriett D. (I9451)
116 - 1860 census: Orrin, 12, resides in Gouverneur, NY with mother Sophia, 38, sister Hannah, 15, and his uncle and his family, John Thayer.

- 1870 census: Orrin, 23, resides in Gouverneur with wife Matilda, 24, and daughter Nellie M., 3.

- 1880 census: Orrin, 33, b. 1847, NY, resides at DeKalb as a blacksmith with wife Caroline, 34, and daughter Nellie, 13.

- Not found in 1900 census.

- Gouverneur, Aug. 20, 1902: Orrin Thayer died at his home on South street in this village Aug. 14th after an illness of some months' duration, the exact nature of which his physicians were unable to agree upon. The funeral was held from the residence Sunday afternoon, Kev. C. L. Peck officiating. Mr. Thayer was a blacksmith by trade, but at different times had conducted a grocery or been engaged in other occupations. He is survived by his widow and two daughters. (There is no record of a second daughter.)
Thayer, Orrin W. (I12758)
117 - 1860 census: Sophia Thayer, 38, b. Canada, resides Gouverneur, NY as head of household with daughter Hannah, 15, and son Orrin W., 12. Value of real estate is $500 and her personal estate, $100. Residing with them are her late husband's brother John Thayer, 46 and his wife Nancy, 44, with their children Alfred, 17; Mary Ann, 12; Emmily, 10; Sylvester, 6; and Harriet D., 4. John is a laborer. No occupation given for Sophia. John apparently is helping support Sophia and her children after the death the previous year of his brother and her husband, Joseph Thayer.

- 1870 census: Jason, 68, and Sophia, 41, reside in Gouverneur. Jason is a deputy sheriff with real estate valued at $5,000 and his personal estate at $8,000.

- 1880 census: Jason Smith, 79, retired farmer, and Sophia, 52, reside in Gouverneur with her divorced daughter Hannah Hastings, 32, a dress maker.

- Gouverneur, Aug. 25, 1884: Early on Sunday morning (Aug. 24) the occupants of the house owned by Mrs. Sophia Smith, widow of tbe late Jason Smith, were aroused by piteous screams issuing from tbe room of Mrs. Smith. Here the poor woman was found, burned almost to a crisp, her bed and room on fire. Later, as consciousness returned, she was able to state that having a cramp in one of her limbs, she lighted a lamp and was applying camphor to the affected part, when the spirits ignited, burning her in the above shocking manner. The physicians at once pronounced the burns fatal, and she lingered until Monday morning (Aug. 25) when death came to her relief. Mrs. Smith was conscious much of the time, inquired as to the extent of her injuries, and settled her earthly affairs in a clear and intelligent manner.
Massey, Sophia (I12755)
118 - 1860 U.S. census, Ogdensburg 2nd ward: Elizabeth is 4 years old and is living with parents R.R. & Hannah Walling. She was born in New York state.

- 1865 N.Y. Ogdensurg 4th ward: Elizabeth is 9 years old and is living with her parents, Robert and Hannah Walling.

- 1870 U.S. census Ogdensburg: Elizabeth is 15 years old and living at home with her parents, Robert and Anna Walling.
- 1900, Elizabeth, now Elizabeth Leahy, 42, lives with husband Daniel, 40, and children Henrietta Burns, 23; Mary M. Burns, 21; Jennie E. Burns, 18; Robert Burns, 17; Anthony Burns, 15; John Burns, 10; and Joseph H. Burns, 9.

- Elizabeth first married Jeremiah Burns, who died in 1892. She then married Daniel Leahy. Records of St. Mary's Church, Ogdensburg, N.Y., have marriage of Elizabeth Walling to Jeremiah Burns and Daniel Leahy.

- In 1900, Elizabeth, now Elizabeth Leahy, 42, lives with husband Daniel, 40, and children Henrietta Burns, 23; Mary M. Burns, 21; Jennie E. Burns, 18; Robert Burns, 17; Anthony Burns, 15; John Burns, 10; and Joseph H. Burns, 9.

- Jan. 28, 1918, Ogdensburg Journal: The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Leahy, whose death occurred at her home on Washington Street late Friday night, will be held from her late residence this morning and from St. Mary's Cathedral. Mrs. Leahy was aged 62 years, and had been in failing health for some time. The deceased was a woman of excellent character and in her death the wide legion of friends and acquaintances she gained by her gentle nature, will feel the loss of a most kind and charitable neighbor. She was a dutiful wife and a most kind and loving mother and her untiring efforts in church affairs, gained for her the respect and esteem of everyone with whom she was acquainted. She was a staunch member of St. Mary's parish, and held a prominent place in the Rosary Society as well as in the Catholic Women's Benevolent Legion. IShe isw survived by four sons, Joseph of this city; John of Montreal; Anthony of New York; and Robert of Watertown; three daughters, Mrs. Dennis Sullivan of Newark, NJ; Mrs. John McCarthy of New York; and Mrs. William Kelly of Montreal; also one sister, Mrs. John Lanthier of this city. 
Walling, Elizabeth (I9906)
119 - 1860 U.S. census, Ogdensburg 2nd ward: Martha is 49 years old and is living with her husband Timothy (57) and her children Michael (23), William (19), Margaret (15) and Bridget (10). She was born in Ireland.

- 1870 U.S. census, Ogdensburg 1st ward: Martha is 59 years old and is living with her husband Timothy (61) and their son William (27) and his wife Catherine (28). The children in the household are Martha (4), Frank (3), Timothy (1), Michael (4 months), Mary (12) and Jinsett (9).

- Ogdensburg city death record: Martha Fogarty, 76 years old, died of old age. Buried in Ogdensburg Cemetery. Martha Fogarty died 21 Nov 1886. Father was William Flood. Mother was Hannah Powell.

- St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Ogdensburg: Martha Flood - Beloved wife of Timothy Fogarty Died Nov 21, 1886 aged 75 years. (It is a tall spire that obviously cost some money for the time.)

St. Mary's Church records give 11/23/1886 as death date. Cause of death: Old Age. Age at death: 76

- Records of the birth of Hanna has her the daughter of Matilda, and not Martha Flood. Records of the births of Bridget and Margaret have Martha Flood. These three children were baptized at the Basilica of Notre Dame in Ottawa, Canada, on the dates noted. Michael Fogarty was baptized at St. Phillip's, Richmond, Ontario, as was another child whose name was not listed, but most certainly is William Fogarty. The year for the latter baptism is also not given, though it is either 1837 or 1838, whiile we have William as born in 1843.

- According to descendant Taylor Kennedy, Martha Flood was baptised into the Catholic Church May 6, 1837. 
Flood, Martha (I3495)
120 - 1860 U.S. census, St. Lawrence Count, Ogdensburg 2nd ward: Timothy is listed as Nicholas, 2 years old, born in New York State.
- 1865 N.Y. state census: Nicholas is 6 years old and is livig with his parents, Robert and Hannah Walling.
- 1870 U.S. census, Ogdensburg, Listed as Nicholas, 12 years old and living at home with his parents Robert and Anna Walling.
- 1875 (March 16 Journal) N.T. Walling has taken the stand formerly occupied by J.H. Godden and will carry on the flour and feed business in connection with the hay scales.
- 1880 U.S. census, Ogdensburg, Nicholas is 22 years old and living on New York Avenue with his parents. He is working as a porter. He is single.
- 1885 city directory: Walling Nicholas T., plumbing, h 139 New York Ave (with him are father Robert R., and sisters Mary J., a dressmaker, and Annie.)

In 1880 Timothy relocated to Detroit, Michigan where at age 22 he worked as a servant in the George A. Owen household. Owen was a dry goods dealer in Detroit. The census shows Nicholas as being born in 1858 in New York State. In the 1880 Detroit city directory is Walling, N. Timothy, porter, Amos House.
- 1881 Detroit city directory: Nicholas T. Walling, porter, boards at the Wiley House.
- 1882 Detroit: Timothy N. Walling, bartender at 42 Michigan Grand Ave.
- 1883-1885 Detroit directories: Timothy is not found because he's back in Ogdensburg where he is listed in the 1885 Ogdensburg city directory as a plumber, living with his father on NY Ave.)

In 1885, Timothy left Ogdensburg and returned to Michigan, and his brother William C. went with him. Both are found living together in the 1886 directory of Bay City, Mich: Walling, Timothy N. and William C., laborers, both board at the Elk Hotel. In 1886, they both moved to Detroit, where they are found in the following Detroit city directories:
- 1886: Walling, Timothy, driver for G.F. Case, boards 167 Woodbridge W.
Walling, William C., bartender for Frank Mullen, bds 47 Fort east.
- 1887: Walling, Timothy, driver for B.G. Latimer, rooms at 14 State St.
- 1888: Walling, Timothy N. driver, rooms 235 Brush
Walling, William C., horseshoer Hogan & Gilhula, bds. The Colburn
- 1889: Walling, Timothy, driver, bds 24 Gatriot Ave.
Walling, William C., horseshoer, bds Rice's Hotel
- 1890: The directory states that "Walling, Timothy, removed to Saginaw, Mich."
William is found in later Detroit directories where he died Aug. 26, 1892. Timothy returned to Bay City and is found in the 1890 directory: Bay City Mich, Timothy N. Walling, hostler, boards 126 Washington.
- 1894, Grand Rapids, Mich. Timothy Walling, cook, boards Hotel Cadillac
- 1897, Detroit, Timothy Walling, cook, rooms at 15 Brush
There are no further listings for Timothy nor a record of his death in Michigan. When his sister, Anna Walling Burlingame died in 1913, among survivors are "one brother, Cornelius, in the West." That they didn't even recall his name indicates no contact between Timothy and his family, and he probably died prior to 1913. He is not found in the 1900 or 1910 U.S. census so he likely died between 1897-1900 in Michigan, with little notice or fanfare since he never married and always worked menial jobs.
Walling, Nicholas Timothy (I9924)
121 - 1860 U.S. census: John is 3 years old and is living with parents Nelson and Marinda "Commo" in Ogdensburg's First Ward. He was born in New York State.

- 1865 N.Y. state census, Ogdensburg 4th ward: John is 6 years old and is living with his parents Nelson and Marinda Como.

- Aug. 27, 1866, Ogdensburg Daily Journal: A gang of seven boys, the oldest, about fifteen years, the youngest seven, were arrested by Officer King yesterday morning for robbing gardens of fruit. They were committed to the lockup to await trial, and there is good prospect that some of them will be sent to the House of Refuge. For some time this gang has been carrying on their transactions to the great annoyance of garden proprietors residing on the west side of the Bridge. It is hoped that their arrest will prove a warning to all boys who have an itching for the choice fruit, of our village gardens. Upon trial six of these boys, named Paul Denny, George LaDuke, Thomas Mason, Solomon Gadbaw, William Como and John Como, were convicted, and are now in the lockup, their sentence having been held under advisement.

- 1870 U.S census: John is 12 years old and is livig with his parents Nelson and Marinda Como.

- On 19 June 1886, marriage of John W. Como and Delila Thayer, 17, in Ogdensburg, N.Y. Witnesses were Mary Thayer and John Thayer. This is John's first marriage. John will be 28 on his next birthday. Delila was born in East Saginaw, MI to Robert Thayer and Harriet Rehor. This is her first marriage. Married at the Congregational parsonage by the Rev. J. S. Ainslie.

- 1900 U.S. Census: John is 42 years old and is living at 83 King St. His wife died the previous year. He is working as a fireman in a stove factory. Living with him are his children Blanche, 11; Earl, 8; Leona, 6; his mother Marinda, 65 and a boarder, Stacy Norman, 25. John was born in NY state but his parents were born in Canada. He was born in December of 1857.

- 1905 NYS census: Residing on Ogden Street are John C. Como, 48, Irene Como, his mother, 72; son John E. 13; daugh. Pearl L., 11; Louis Todd, 27; Maud Todd, 23; William Todd, 1; and Edna Todd, one month. Missing is Blanche, who would be 16.

- 1910 U.S. census: John Como is 53 years old and living on Lake St. with his son Earl J., 18; daughter Leona Porter, 16; and her son David E. Porter, two months. John Como is listed as being a widower.

- 1925 New York census: John C. Como is 68 years old and is living at the home of his son, John E. Como and his family at 106 Riverside Ave. in Ogdensburg.

- Ogdensburg city directory, 1925, Como John, lab, b 106 Riverside Ave. (house of John Earl Como.)

- June 9, 1929: The funeral of John Como, 65, (he was 71) who died at Yorkville Tuesday, (June 4, 1929) was held Thursday (June 6) at the home of Fred B. Vallance, 923 Morris Street. Rev. L. P. Franklin conducted services and burial was in the Ogdensburg Cemetery, Mr. Como went to Yorkville last February to reside with his daughter, Miss Leona Como. A son, Earl Como, of Ogdensburg, also survives. Mr. Como was a brother of William Como of Tampa, Fla.; George Como, Mrs. Vina Nevin and Mrs. Minnie Hoadley of Ogdensburg.

- John Como, age 61, (71) died June 4, 1929 at the home of his daughter, Miss Leona Como, in Yorkville, N.Y. He is survived by one son, Earl, of Ogdnesburg, a daughter, Leona of Yorkville, two brothers, George Como of Ogdensburg, and William of Tampa, Florida, and two sisters, Mrs. Minnie Hoadley, and Mrs. Vina Nevins, of Ogdensburg. The funeral was from the home of Fred Vallance, 923 Morris St. in Ogdensburg, and interment will be made in Ogdensburg Cemetery.

- Ogdensburg Cemetery index reads "Como John - located at Range 20 Lot 18." There is no stone at that location. Earl Como remembers the funeral being in the Ogdensburg Cemetery when he was very young. He said he recalls a small hill being nearby.

- John was a laborer. Earl Como wrote that his grandfather was very acrobatic, and was an alcoholic. He went to his daughter Leona's to live in Feb. 1930 when his health was very poor and died four months later. John's obituary gives his age as 61, but he must have been 71 or 72 at the time of his death. The fact that he was born in late 1857 or early 1858 is shown by all the census records and his marriage record. 
Como, John W. (I2124)
122 - 1860 U.S. census: Ogdensburg 2nd ward: Timothy Fogarty is 57 years old and is working as a carter. He was born in Ireland. He is living with his wife Martha (49) and children Michael (23), William (19), Margaret (15) and Bridget (10). Timothy and his wife were born in Ireland, all their children were born in Canada.

- 1870 U.S. census: Timothy is 61 years old and lives with his wife Martha (59) and son William (27) and wife Catherine (28) and their children.

- Ogdensburg City Directory, 1883-4: Fogarty Timothy, mail carrier, h 129 New York ave.

- Feb. 12, 1890: Last evening about five o'clock, Mr. Timothy Fogarty, the veteran mail messenger between Ogdensburg and Prescott, stepped from the steamer Plumb at the dock of the R. W. & 0. railroad, accompanied by Margaret McNally, widow of the late James Murphy, of Prescott. They proceeded to the Cathedral, where they were pronounced man and wife by Rev. Father Duffy, and at once took up their residence at Mr. Fogarty's old home on New York Avenue. All wish "Teddy" much joy.

- Dec. 19. 1894: Capt. Timothy Fogarty, of this city, is another veteran who has been in the U. S. mail service for the past thirty years. He leaves the Ogdensburg post office each day at 1:30 p.m., taking what Canadian mail there is for Preseott or to be distributed there. He returns at 5 p. m. bringing the mail from Prescott for this office. Although over seventy years of age, Capt. Fogarty is hearty and vigorous, as one can see illustrated daily by the ease with which he swings a fifty or one hundred pound bag upon his shoulder. The changes of administration do not affect Captain Fogarty. Father Time alone will be able to call for his discharge, and the Captain, with his steady habits and iron constitution, is standing him a good battle.

- Ogdensburg city death record: Timothy Fogarty died Jan. 22, 1904. Father was Michael Fogarty (born Ireland)
and mother was nancy Ryan (born Ireland.)
- St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Ogdensburg, NY: Gravestone reads "Timothy Fogarty Born Dec 25, 1809 The Parish of Drumbane, County Tipperary, Ireland. (Drumbane is a small village about four miles outside the town of Thurles. There is a joint parish called Drumbane-Upperchurch. Otherwise: Townland: Drumbane; County: Tipperary, N.R.; Barony: Kilnamanagh Upper; Civil Parish: Moyaliff; PLU: Thurles; Province: Munster.)

- Jan, 1904: Timothy Fogarty, one of Ogdensburg's oldest and best known citizens, died yesterday at the advanced age of 94. Mr. Fogarty had been in declining health due to old age. He was born in Ireland and left the old country with his young wife about sixty-five years ago (1839.) They took up their residence in Canada for a number of years and then crossed to this side, settling in Ogdensburg about fifty years ago (1854.) Mr. Fogarty had charge of a gang of hewers when the Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg railroad was being opened and was a hewer himself. He was best known as the U. S. mail carrier between this city and Prescott, a position he held for more than thirty years. During that time and in his later years he became known to almost every person in the city. He was a fine type of the old fashioned Irishman, a type that is fast disappearing. He was of powerful physique and notwithstanding his age, when he was on the mail route, he was out in all kinds of weather, never misssing a day by reason of sickness or other causes. Mr. Fogarty was a bluff, kindhearted, jovial man, a faithful servant of the government and was much respected by all. He retained his faculties to the end, and looked forward every day to the daily paper, which he read carefully. In this way he kept abreast of the times. His hearing was slightly impaired, but his eyesight was remarkable for a man of his years. Hie was fond of relating stories of his early days in Ireland and was a great favorite among the young. Mr. Fogarty was twice married, his second wife dlying several years ago. He leaves a son, William Fogarty, and a daughter, Mrs. A. A. Paquette

- The funeral of Timothy Fogarty was held yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock from St. Mary's cathedral, and a requiem
mass was celebrated today.

- Timothy moved from Ireland around 1835 to Canada. Around 1852-1854 he moved from Canada to the United States. He worked as a foreman when the log road from Ogdensburg to Black Lake was being constructed. He worked for many years as a mail carrier between Ogdensburg and Prescott.

- Obit from 1904 Advance News: Timothy Fogarty died at his home on New York Ave., aged 94 years. He was born in Ireland and came to Ogdensburg to reside about 50 years ago (which would make that appr. 1854.) For thirty years he carried the IT mail between this city and Prescott and was well known throughout the city. The funeral was held from St. Mary's Cathedral. A son, William Fogarty, and a daughter, Mrs. V. A. Pauquette, surviv

- Feb. 13, 1890 Advance News: Timothy Fogarty, mail carrier between this city and Prescott for many years, was married to Mrs. Matilda McNally on Tuesday, Rev. P. O. LaRose performing the marriage ceremony. Mr. Fogarty recently arrived at the inexperienced age of 80 years.

- Timothy Fogarty and Matilda Flood had child Michael Fogarty in 1836. St. Phillip's, Richmond, Ontario, has record: Thadeous Fogarty and Martha Flood had child no name, no date, about 1837 or 1838. The witnesses were John Tierney and Hanora Tierney. There are different witnesses from Michael, so this must refer to birth of William, though the years appear wrong since we have him born 1843. Other Fogarty births at St. Phillip's, Richmond, Ontario:
- Sept. 11, 1838, baptise Michael, born Sept. 2, of Bryan Fogarty and Bridget Headen.
- Feb. 2, 1838, baptize Catherine Mary, born. Jan. 14, 1838 to Daniel Fogarty and Roseanna Joint
- Feb. 25, 1840: Honora, born Sept. 7, to Bryan Fogarty and Bridget Headen
- Patrick, born July 3, 1851 to Philip Fogarty and Anna Managham
- Philip, born Aug. 7, 1856 to Philip Fogarty and Anna Morrigham
- 1839: John Burke, born to Milo Burke and Mary Ann Fogarty
(Is it possible that Bryan, Daniel and Mary Ann are siblings of Timothy?)

(March, 2009: Poster to Genforum query on Timothy Fogarty and Martha Flood: My gggrandparents Daniel Fogarty and Nancy Flood were out of County Tipperary with similar birth years. Daniel ended up in Poultney, VT with his children and other Floods. Dont know if his wife died in Ireland. Fogarty is of course a common name in Tipperary. Flood being much rarer there.)

Additional Fogarty information - unknown if related:
- Montreal, Basilica of Notre Dame, 1847, June 22, baptize Timothy Fogarty, marriage of James Fogarty and Mary Delany, with godfather Michael Fogarty and godmother, Ellen Fogarty.
Fogarty, Timothy (I3520)
123 - 1860 U.S. cesus, Ogdensburg First Ward, William is 5 years old, born in New York state, and is living with parents
Nelson and marinda "Commo."

- 1865 N.Y. State cesus, Ogdensburg 4th ward, William is 7 years old and is living with his parents Nelson and marinda Como.

- Aug. 27, 1866, Ogdensburg Daily Journal: A gang of seven boys, the oldest, about fifteen years, the youngest seven, were arrested by Officer King yesterday morning for robbing gardens of fruit. They were committed to the lockup to await trial, and there is good prospect that some of them will be sent to the House of Refuge. For some time this gang has been carrying on their transactions to the great annoyance of garden proprietors residing on the west side of the Bridge. It is hoped that their arrest will prove a warning to all boys who have an itching for the choice fruit, of our village gardens. Upon trial six of these boys, named Paul Denny, George LaDuke, Thomas Mason, Solomon Gadbaw, William Como and John Como, were convicted, and are now in the lockup, their sentence having been held under advisement.

- 1870 U.S. census, Ogdensburg: William is 14 and living with his parents Nelson and Marinda Como.

- 1880 U.S. census, Ogdensburg: William is 24 and working as a sailor. He is living with his parents Nelson and Marinda Como on Albany Ave in Ogdensburg. He is not married.

- Letter from Mrs. Nancy S. Berkham, Tampa, Fla., William appears for the first time in the Tampa, Florida, city directory in 1923. The last time he was in the city directory was in 1939. She could not find him listed in any of the cemetery books, which indicates he might not have a stone.

- Ogdensburg city directory, 1883-1884: Como William, cooper, bds 95 Albany avenue (his father's house)

- Conversation with William (Bill) Todd in February, 1989: For a period of time in the late 1800's William Como traveled in the West. He may have been a salesman. Bill Todd inherited the Carbine and the Colt 44 single action pistol that William Como carried with him. William had traveled through California, Arizona and New Mexico. Bill said that William died in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Bill believes that William Como and his daughter Maude moved to Florida with Maude's husband just after World War I.

- Conversation with Lois Todd Meadows: Lois said that William was out drinking one night and passed out on his back doorstep. It was winter and he caught pneumonia from the experience and died a few days later. He is buried in Tampa between Lewis Todd and someone else, perhaps Lewis's wife Maude. There is no stone there for him. She said that William died when she was 2 or 3 (1937 or 1938). (Obit in Ogd. Advance indicates William died July 9, 1939 at Tampa.)

- Notre Dame Church, Ogdensburg, records the marriage of William Como and Eveline St. Denis: 1880, Die 15 Nov in matrimamium conjunco Gulielmum comeay et Evelinam St. Denis. Patrini Testes Josephum St. Denis and (Unesimus) Lepage.

- Ogd. Advance reports William Como, 84, died Sunday, July 9, 1939, at his home in Tampa, of a heart attack. He was born in Ogdensburg, son of the late Nelson and Rena Como, and resided here until he was 19. A stationary engineer by trade, Mr. Como was employed at the Todd Electric Co. of Tampa at the time of his death. He had visited frequently in Ogdensburg, his last visit having been about two years ago. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. L. W. Todd of Tampa, two sisters, Mrs. Vina Nevin and Mrs. Minnie Hoadley, both of this city; two grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. The body was cremated at St. Petersburg, FL.

- has William's death at "about 1939, 900 West Henry Ave., Tampa." 
Como, William (I2155)
124 - 1860: Hannah is a servant in the home of Jack and Mary Dunning, a farmer at Hammond, St. Lawrence County, NY. Lefleur, Hanna Elizabeth (I12294)
125 - 1860: John LaFlair, 66, wood sawyer, b. Canada, resides Ogdensburg with Nancy, 52, b. Canada; and all born U.S. William, 12; Josephine, 8; and Mary, 6. Auge, Elizabeth (I12288)
126 - 1860: Joseph Ferguson, 35, b. abt. 1825, carter, resides Ogdensburg with Mary, 22, Joseph, 5; and Francis, 3, all b. NY.

- 1870: Oswegatchie: Thomas Ferguson, 46, ( 1826) Mary, 33; (1837) Joseph, 14; and Frank, 12.
dit Ferguson, Thomas Joseph Faubert (I12813)
127 - 1860: Lewis, 11, resides with mother Sarah, 46, at Hounsfield, Jefferson, NY. Residing with them is William G. Phillips, 27, a merchant, with real estate and personal property valued at $15,000.
- 1870: Hounsfield: Head of household is William G. Phillips, 37, retired merchant, with: Sarah Day, 58, keeping house; Lewis W. Day, 20, laborer, Mary Walker, 20, b. Canada, a domestic servant, and William Worthington, 70, caretaker, b. PA.
- 1880: Sackets Harbor: Lewis W. Day, 30, druggist, with Anna, 25, wife, and Sarah, 68, mother. Anna was b. NY, her father, Canada, and her mother, NY.
- 1900: At Hounsfield: Lewis W. Day, 50, b. Dec., 1849; wife Norah, 45, b. Feb., 1855 (married 21 years) b. NY as were both parents; son Edward L., 15; and boarder (Anna's mother) Harriet Walling, 92, b. Nov., 1807, NY with both parents born England; and servant Maggie Barkley.
- 1910 census: At Sackets Harbor, Jefferson, NY: Lewis W. Day, 59, b. NY with both parents b. New Jersey; wife Anna E. Day, 53, b. NY, father NY and mother NJ (incorrect, her mother was b. Sackets Harbor) with son Edward L., 25 and servant Minerva Gardner. They have been married 31 years.

Jan. 13, 1915 - Former New York State Assembyman Lewis W. Day, of Sackets Harbor, one of the best known men in Jefferson county, dropped dead at his home in that village late Wednesday evening. His death was due to heart trouble to which he had been subject for some time. Lewis W. Day, twice member of the state assembly from the first assembly district and the oniy Democrat who ever represented this assembly district, was born in the village of Sackets Harbor, raised and spent his whole life there. He received his education in the school of his home village and then took a course in the old Watertown Commercial College. Subsequently he took a special course in the Hungerford Collegiate Institute at Adams. Mr. Day was prominent in the Masonic fraternity. He was a member of Sackets Harbor Lodge of which he had long been treasurer and trustee, having been installed only last Monday evening. He was also a member of Watertown Commandery Knights Templar and of MeliaTemple.
Day, Lewis William (I10618)
128 - 1860: Resides Town of Oswegatchie, St. Lawrence County, NY.

- 1870: resides Hermon, 55, with wife Catherine, 52. Living with son Orso Holmes, 34, and Clemina Holmes, 18; William, 9; Cora, 7; Bert, 5; and Atho, 3.

- 1880: Alphies M. Holmes, 65, b. Canada, 1815, resides Ogdensburg with Catherine, whose father was b. NY and mother, NH. He's a shoemakes. Lives with George H. Holmes, 36, widowed, and George's sons James S. Holmes, 11, and Gordon B., 9. George is Alphies' son and the other two are George's sons. George is a carpetner and Alphies, a shoemaker. 
Holmes, Alpheus M. (I13313)
129 - 1860: Timothy Jones, 35, wife Abagail, 29, and children Mary J. 10 and Silas, 7, reside Lisbon, NY. His father, Timothy Sr., lives in Ogdensburg and likely Tim Jr. is operating the farm which has been in the family at least 40 years. Jones, Emeline (I13507)
130 - 1861 Canadian census: Cap Sante, Portneuf, Quebec: Alexis Pitre 65, wife Justine Lefebvre 58, Joseph 24, Damase 22, Adeline 16, Elmire 8. Also at Cap Sante, son J.A. Pitre 27 (farmer); and daughter Celanire Pitre 21 (servant), with Leandre Poliquin's family. Pitre, Alexis (I7369)
131 - 1861, Dunham, Quebec: Alexander Como, 21; Olive, 22 and son William, 1.

- 1870 U.S. Census: Alexander, 28 is at Franklin, VT with Olive 28; Israel, 10; Charles, 9; William, 6; Emma, 4; Matilda, 2; and Josephine, 1. 
Comeau, Alexandre (I1883)
132 - 1861: Onesime, 17, is working on a farm near his parents in Napierville, Canada East.

- 1901 Canadian census: Onesime Lefebvre, 59, resides Huntingdon with husband John Lefebvre, 64, and daughter Adaline Lefebvre, 11. Also with them are her sons from her previous marriage, Albert Varin, 25, and Alex Varin, 23.

- 1911 Canadian census: Onesime Lefebvre, 66, resides Huntingdon, Quebec, with son Albert Varin and his three children. 
Ricard, Onesime (I8114)
133 - 1865 N.Y. census, Ogdensburg, John is 15 years old and is living with his parents, James and Emily LaFlair.

- 1870 census, Ogdensburg, John is 20 years old and is working as a laborer.

- 1900 census: John LaFleur, 49, cooper, b. June, 1850, Canada, resides at 86 Albany Ave., with wife Mary J., 50, b. May, 1850, NY; son Fred A., 22, b. May, 1878, NY and daughter Maimie, 19, b. July, 1880, NY. Across the street from them at 87 Albany Ave. is his brother, Charles LaFleur, 47, cooper, b. May, 1853, Canada, with wife Philomene, 48, b. May 1852, Canada, and son Peter, 23, house painter, b. April, 1877, NY. Residing with them is John D. LaFleur, 28, b. July 1871, NY and wife Rosealine, 26, b. May, 1874, NY.

- 1905 New York state cesus, Ogdensburg, John B. LaFlair is 57 years old and is living with his wife Mary J. (53) and his son Frederick (27). John is working as a cooper. He was born in Canada and has been in the U.S. for 47 years. He lives at 86 Albany Ave.

- Ogdensburg city directory, 1883-4, Laflare John, cooper, h 16 Oak.

- At the death of his mother in 1909, John B. LaFlair had six children according to the obituary.

- Jan. 25, 1935: John B. Laflair, 84, died at 10 o'clock Thursday night (Jan. 24, 1935) at the home of his son George Laflair, 508 Grove Street, after an illness. Mr. Laflair who was a cooper by trade had lived in Ogdensburg for the past 75 years. He retired from active work several years ago. Mr. Laflair was a native of Easton's Corners, Ont., born June 16, 1849, a son of James and Emily Ploof Laflair. He came to Ogdensburg at an early age. Surviving besides his wife, Mrs. Mary J. Sharp Laflair, are three sons, George and Fred of Ogdensburg, and Simon of Watertown. He was a member of Notre Dame Church. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday morning at 8:30 o'clock from the home of his son George On Grove Street and at 9 o'clock at Notre Dame Church. Interment will be at Notre Dame cemetery.

- Jan. 26, 1935: The funeral of John B. Laflair was conducted this morning at 8:30 o'clock from the home of his son, George, of 508 Grove Street, and a half hour later at Notre Dame Church. Rev. Father Larose celebrated the requiem mass. Interment was at Notre Dame Cemetery. Bearers were Edmund Montroy, Joseph Woods, Fred Laflair, George Dellahv, Charles Lundy and James Lago.
LaFlair, John Baptiste (I5133)
134 - 1865 N.Y. state census, Ogdensburg: George is 13 years old and living with his parents, Solomon and Elizabeth Lefleur. LaFlair, George (I5108)
135 - 1865 N.Y. state census, St. Lawrence, Ogdensburg: Nathan A. is 2 years old and is living with his parents Nelson amd Emma "Coma."

- 1870 U.S. census, Ogdensburg: Nathan A. is 7 years old and is living with his parents Nelson and Anna Como.

- 1880 U.S. census: Nathan is 16 years old and is working in a box factory. He is living with his paretns Nelson Como Jr. and Emma Como.

- 1905 NYS census: Nathan A. Como, 41, Matilda, 38; Ruth F., 15 and Cora A., 13, reside Ogdensburg Ward 2.

- 1910 U.S. census: Nathan is 46 years old and is working as a carpenter. He has been married for 21 years to Matty, who is 43. They are living with their two daughters Ruth F. (20) and Cora P. (18). Both daughters are unmarried. Nathan was born in New York state.

- Nathan began working in a box factory at the age of 16. He spent most of his life working as an expert machinist at Proctor Mills, which was owned and run by his brother-in-law.

- Located in Ogdensburg, N.Y. Ogdensburg Cemetery at Range 20 - Lot 29 Reads "Nathan Allen Como (1863-1913)" and Mattie S. Como Wright (1867-1955)

- St. Law. Republican, Wed., Sept. 10, 1913: Nathan A. Como died Sept. 3 after an ilness of five years, aged 49. The deceased lost his eyesight five years ago. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Como and spent most of his life in this city. He held the respect of many friends who will regret to learn of his death, Besides his wife and parents he is survived by two daughters. Mrs. F. M. Hutt and Miss Cora, and two sisters, Mrs. D. C. Acker and Mrs. C. E. Proctor. The funeral was held Sept. 5 at his home, 95 Albany Ave., Rev. A. M. Wight officiating. The Odd Fellows of No. 98 lodge, of which Mr. Como was a member, were in charge.
Como, Nathan Allen (I2137)
136 - 1865 New York State census, Ogdensburg, Adline is 9 years old and is living with her parents John and Emila LaFlare.

- 1870: Adeline is 18 and is living at home with her parents James and Emily LaFlair. She is unable to read and write English. 
LaFlair, Adeline (I5053)
137 - 1865 New York State census, Ogdensburg, Lewis is 9 years old and living with his parents John and Emila LaFlare.

- 1870 U.S. census, Ogdensburg, Louis is 15 and is at home with parents James and Emily LaFlair. He is unable to read and write English, but has been in school within the year.

- 1880: Louis, 24, resides with parents James and Emily Laflair at Ogdensburg, NY. He is a cooper.

- Notre Dame Records: Louis Lafleur married Marie Denault, 8/23/1880.

- 1900: Louis LaFlair, 44, resides in the Second Ward of Ogdensburg, with wife Minnie, 40; and children Edward J., 16; Mary A., 14; Ellen E., 13; Harvey U., 12; Frederick C., 11; Theodore J., 10; Alvin O., 9; Lula L., 6; Maude E., 4; Edgar P., 2; and Edna A., 2. He arrived in the U.S. around 1863 and is a cooper.

- 1910 U.S. census, Ogdensburg, Louis is a 54-year old teamster living with his wife Mary (50) and his children Edward (27), a teamster; Mary (24), a silkweaver; Ella (23), a silkweaver; Theodore (19), a cigar maker; Lula (16), Maud (14), Edgar (13), Leona (13), Leona (10), and Abner (8). Louis and mary have been married for 30 years. Louis arrived in the U.S. in 1863 when he was seven years old. He and his wife have had 16 children.

- 1925 New York State Census, Ogdensburg, Louis Laflair (69) and his wife Mary (65) are living at 1027 Jefferson Ave. with their son Abner (22). Louis is a gardner.

- Louis and his wife Mary Denno lived at 127 Jefferson St. (1905) and at 1027 Jefferson Ave. (1925).

- April 21, 1938: Louis LaFIair, 82. died at his home, 1036 Jefferson Avenue, yesterday morning after an illness of several months. He was born in Carelton Place. Ont.. April 7, 1856. the son of the late John and Mary Ploof LaFIair. On August 22, 1880 he married Miss Mary Denno at the Notre Dame church here. Surviving besides his wife are 13 children: Edward LaFIair, Ogdensburg: Miss Mary LaFIair. Rochester: Mrs. Edgar Gascon, Hammond: Harvey LaFIair, Brewerton, N. Y.: Frederick LaFIair, Buffalo, Wyo.: Theodore LaFIair, Wadsworth. Kan.: Alvin LaFIair, Canada: Miss Louella LaFIair, Brooklyn; Mrs. Frederick Brandt, Cicero: Edgar LaFIair, Abner LaFIair, Ogdensburg: Mrs. Charles Brandt. Syracuse, and Mrs. Martin Polloux; and 22 grandchildren, also one brother Phillip LaFIair, city: two sisters,Mrs. Gedbaw and Mrs. Gallipo, city. Funeral services will be held from the home Saturday morning at 7:30 and a half hour later from Notre Dame church. Interment will be made in Notre Dame Cemetery. Mr. LaFIair was a well known truck gardner of the city and his passing will be mourned by a legion of friends.
LaFlair, Louis Napoleon (I5157)
138 - 1865 New York State census, Ogdensburg: Joseph is 18 years old and is living with his parents "John and Emila LaFlare"

- 1870 census: Joseph is 21 years and working as farm help. He was born in Canada and is unable to read and write English. He is living with his parents James and Emily LaFlair.

- Note to LaFlair ancestry: A family residing in Ogdensburg interchanged the name LaFlair and LaFlam. They are not related to any LaFlairs in Ogdensburg. The family began with Joseph LaFlam (LaFlair) who was born in Canada in 1826. In 1860 he resided in Ogdensburg as a blacksmith with wife Isabel and children Mary, Joseph, Solomon and Elizabeth. Son Joseph went on to have two sons, Frank and Minna, both identified as LaFlairs. The 1850 census has at Oswegatchie, Joseph Laflum, 30; (1820) and Isabell Laflum, 27, with daughter Isabell Laflum, 2, all b. NY. 1860 U.S. census, Ogdensburg, 2nd ward, are Joseph and children. The 1900 U.S. census has Joseph LaFlam, Isabella married 55 years and in the country 70 years. 1905 New York State census, Ogdensburg, has Joseph Laflair, 85, with wife Elizabeth, 90. July 7, 1914: One of the city's oldest residents, Joseph LaFlam, died yesterday (July 6, 1914) at the home of his daughater Mrs. George Dumas at age 90 (born 1824) He was b. Canada, coming to Ogd. at the age of 8 years. He was a boilere maker on many of the boats which have long since gone out of service. He was at one time a member of the police force. His wife died seven years ago (1907). Surivived by two sons, Joseph LaFlam, Jr. and Capt. Solomon LaFlam, and one daughter, Mrs. George Dumas. March 25, 1922: Joseph LaFlam, 68 (born 1854) died Thursday (March 23, 1922). Besides wife, survived three daughters, Mrs. John Downey, Mrs. Fred Lassail and Mrs. Joseph Garno, Ogdensburg; son Frank of Syreacuse; sister Mrs. George Dumas and brother Solomon LaFlam, Ogd. Employed as a coal truck driver for many years. (This is Joseph LaFlair's son.) Solomon LaFlam died Dec. 26, 1923, at the age of 67 years (b. 1856) (He is son of Joseph and Isabelle LaFlair). He was a barge captaion for George Hall Co. survived by widow; one son, Edwards, of Lafayette, IN; daughter, Mrs. Fred Gregory of Ilion, and susan Mrs.George Dumas, Ogd. 
LaFlair, Joseph (I5142)
139 - 1865 New York State census, Ogdensurg: Charles is 15 and living with his parents John and Emila LaFlare.

- 1870: Charles is 19 and working as a day laborer. He is unable to read and write English and is living with his parents James & Emily LaFlair.

- 1900 census: Charles LaFleur, 47, cooper, b. May, 1853, Canada, resides at 87 Albany Ave. with wife Philomene, 48, b. May 1852, Canada, and son Peter, 23, house painter, b. April, 1877, NY. Residing with them is Charles' nephew, John D. LaFleur, 28, son of his brother John B. Laflair, b. July 1871, NY and wife Rosealine, 26, b. May, 1874, NY. Across the street from them at 86 Albany Ave. is his brother, John LaFleur, 49, cooper, b. June, 1850, Canada; wife Mary J., 50, b. May, 1850, NY; son Fred A., 22, b. May, 1878, NY and daughter Maimie, 19, b. July, 1880, NY.

- 1905 N.Y. State census: Charles is 55 and working as a cooper. He is living at 87 Albany Ave. with his son Pete H. and Pete's wife Philomene.

- 1910: Charles is a 58-year old carpenter living on Lake St. with his wife Susan (48). They have been married for one year. Both were born in Canada and came to the U.S. in 1864. There is no one else living with them.

- 1915 N.Y. State census: Charles LaFlair is a cooper who is lodging at 90 Grove St. He is living alone. He is 64 years old and has been living in the U.S. for 52 years.

- Ogdensburg ciy directory: 1883-4 Laflare Charles, cooper, h 87 Albany Ave - Charles continues to show up in the city direcories at this address until at least 1902. In 1905 he is at 86 Albany Ave.

- Charles had one son when his mother, Emily LaFlair, died in August, 1909.

- Charles LaFlair was a cooper. He came to the U.S. in 1860 along with his family. His brother John B. LaFlair was also a cooper. Charles lived at 87 Albany Ave., his brother John lived at 86 Albany Ave., according to the 1883 and 1905 Ogdensburg city directories. In 1883 the last name was spelled LaFlare.

- April 15, 1926, Ogdensburg Journal: Charles Leflair, who has been living alone in a boat house on the Oswegatchie river, was saved from death by starvation or drowning yesterday by Patrolman Israel Gorrow. People residing in the Spring Street neighborhood had failed to see Laflair recently and the matter was brought to the attention of Patrolman Gorrow. He ascertained Laflair. who is an aged man (about 69 at the time of this story) had been missing three days and reported to John J. McDonall, day desk sergeant at police headquarters. Patrolman Gorrow was directed to investigate the case. The patrolman went to Spring Street and located the boathouse. It is just south of the Dinberg murder house. He secured a pair of rubber boots and plunged into the Oswegatchie River in order to reach the place, the rising waters of the turbulent stream having isolated the boathouse some distance from the shore. Patrolman Gorrow finally succeeded in reaching the boathouse and forced his way inside. There on a bed downstairs he found LaFlair. The aged man was extremely ill and plainly exhausted. He had not had a bit of food in three days. While he lay on the bed during the days that he was missing his strength kept ebbing away and starvation seemed inevitable. The rising waters of the Oswegatchie were gradually creeping upward all the time and as the patrolman entered the boathouse he saw that the water was lapping the springs of the bed. The surface of the river was reported to have risen 6 inches more last night due to the high wind and the rainfall. The man protested as Patrolman Gorrow lifted him and started to take him ashore. He did not appear to realize his danger or greatly care. He was finally placed safely on land and a relative, William Ploof, was notified. Laflair was taken to the Ploof home where he was given medical care and light nourishment. A. W. Vilas, superintendent of the police, was notified and will investigate the case today. Mr. Ploof states that he is not in a position to care for the aged man.

(William Ploof was Charles LaFlair's brother-in-law, married to his sister Susan LaFlair.)

- May 31, 1933: Charles Laflair, 81 (1852), died Tuesday evening (May 30) at Ogdensburg Hospital and Home for the Aged. Mr. Laflair was born in Canada, but spent most of his life in Ogdensburg. Surviving him are one son Peter of Utica. Funeral will be held Thursday morning at 8 o'clock at. St, Joseph's chapel and burial will be in Notre Dame cemetery. 
LaFlair, Charles (I12635)
140 - 1865 New York state census, St. Lawrence, Ogdensburg: Mary is 5 years old and is living with her parents John and Emila LaFlare.

- 1870 U.S. census: Mary is 12 years old and is living with her parents James and Emily aFlair. Mary is unable to read and write English, but has been in school within the year.

- Tues., Sept. 2, 1945: Mrs. Mary Gedbaw, 88, died last night at the A. Barton Hepburn Hospital. She was born in Canada on
Jan. 19, 1857, daughter of the late James and Emily LaFlair. On Jan. 2, 1876, she was married to Solomon Gedbaw. He died Oct. 28, 1892. Surviving are six grandchildren, Mrs. Marie Arthur Shorkey, Philadelphia, N. Y.; Mrs. Harry Maloney, Ogdensburg;
Mrs. George.Sovie, Ogdensburg; Mrs. Timothy Rymer, Ogdensburg; James Jerome, Ogdensburg, and Harry Jerome, in military
service; two great-grandchildren Raymond Maloney and Marie Maloney, both of Ogdensburg, and one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth
Gallyso, Ogdensburg. Funeral services will be held in the Lalonde Funeral Home on Thursday morning at 8:30 o'clock and at 9 in Notre Dame Church. Burial will be made in Notre Dame Cemetery.
LaFlair, Mary (I5168)
141 - 1865 NY State census, Ogdensburg, House #410: Emma is 21 years old and is living with her husband, Nelson Como (22) and son Nathan A. Como (2). This is her first marriage and she has only had one child.

- 1910 U.S census, Ogdensburg, Emma B. is 66 years old and is living with her husband Nelson Como (66). They have been married 48 years. Emma was born in Canada as were both of her parents. She has had three children and they are all still alive.

- Ogdensburg Cemetery: "NELSON Como 1841-1931 ARMENIA HIS WIFE 1842-1922"

- Her daughter said that Emma was full-blooded English and that her people came over in small boats. Don't know if this refers to the St. Lawrence River or the Atlantic Ocean. She said that Emma's mother died when she was quite young. Emma's father died around 1904.

- Ogdensburg, Sept 13, 1922 - The death of Mrs. Armenia Como, wife of Nelson Como, occurred last evening at 6 at the family home, 93 Albany Avenue. Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 2 p. m. and will be private. Mrs. Como is survived by her husband and two daughters, Mrs. C. E. Proctor and Mrs. D. C. Acker. 
Bertrand, Armeline (I790)
142 - 1865 U.S. census, Ogdensburg: Sarah is 16 years old and is living with her parents, Solomon and Elizabeth Lefleur.

- 1870 census: Sarah is 22 years old and is living at home with her parents Solomon and Elizabeth LaFlair. She was born in Canada. 
LaFlair, Sarah J. (I5199)
143 - 1870 census: Alfred is in Saginaw, Michigan with his stepfather Robert, mother Harriet and siblings.
- 1880 census: Alfred is Toledo, Ohio with family.
- In 1900 he was in Gouverneur, NY with wife Alice and children: Alfred was born Nov. 1866; Alice was born Jan. 1854 in Canada; father Ireland, mother England; immigrated to US in 1881. Children are Charles, 10, b. Jan. 1890; Harriet, 6, b. Oct. 1893; Hazel, 5, b. Marach 1895 and Alwyn, 1, b. July 1898.

- Gouverneur: E. R. Fredenburg, who had been in the employe of Charles Bowman for three years, has opened a barber shop in the McAllister blocks in rooms formerly occupied by Ed Vail. A. F. Thayer of Ithaca, Mich takes Fredenberg's former position in Mr. Bowman's establishment.
- Gouverneur, Alfred F. Thayer, member of Oswegatchie Tent, dies. May 15, 1907. Also rez from IOOF in 1907
- Gouverneur, Dec. 1899: Mrs. Harriet Thayer of Ogd. is visiting her son, A. F. Thayer, and family.
- Born July 17 1898 to Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Thayer, a son, Dewey
- Gouverneur: Wed., May 8, 1907: Alfred Thayer's Pathetic Death; 10 days ago he went to NY to be treated by a specialist for brain trouble.
Died at Roosevelt Hospital
Unattended he went to New York and arrived there in a dazed condition. He was found by a brother Odd Fellow, helpless and unable to tell who he was or whence he came. A search of his clothing discovered his identity.
- Alfred F. Thayer's dead and his end came under pathetic circumstances. At the Roosevelt Hospital in NY whence he had gone alone to secure such medicines as he believed would restore him to health, away from family and friends dear to his heart. Always cheerful, kind and pleasant.
Ten years ago Alfred was considered one of the best barbers in the town, but an injury he received on his head previously evidently affected his brain and caused him to have dizzy and fainting spells. On account of this difficulty he was forced to retire from the barber business and then it was that he entered the employ of the New York Central Railroad Company.
Until four months ago Alfred had enjoyed fairly good health and it was believed by his friends that he was slowly but surely recovering from his malady. At that time, however, he had a severe attack of his former trouble but recovering from it, he went back to his work at the depot when he was again stricken. It was then that he decided upoing going to New York and submitting himself to specialists on brain diseases in some of the well known hospitals in the metropolis and the Roosevelt was the one decided upon.
It was about 10 days ago that he left his home for New York in search of health. He went unattended believing that it would be unnecessary for anyone to accompany him. Undoubtedly the jar of the train cuased him to have a relapse for when he arrived in New York he was in a dazed condition, unable to tell his name or from whence he came. He drifted with the crowed into 42nd street and after a time entered a jewelry store, where a brother Odd Fellow tended him. He was taken to an institution and there from letters in his pocket it was learned that he was bound for Roosevelt Hospital, where he was taken and subsequently died. It was found he was suffering from cerebral abscess and that there was no possibility of his recovery. He died Saturday morning. May 4, 1907.
Mr. Thayer was born at Ogdensburg 42 years ago. Buried at Riverside Cemetery. Leaves a wife and four children.

Gouverneur - March 1, 1933. Word was received Tuesday by Mr. and Mrs. John R. W.... of the death on Feb. 9 in Lansing, Mich, of Mrs. Alice Thayer, widow of Alfred Thayer, for many years residents of Gouverneur. Their home was at the corner of Grove and South Gordon. When a resident here, Mr. Thayer was baggageman at the depot. After his death, Mrs. Thayer moved to Lansing to make her home with her daughters by a former marriage. Mrs. Thayer made several visits to Gouverneur. Surviving are a daughter, Miss Alice Raymond, and son, Alwyn Thayer, both of Lansing. 
Thayer, Alfred F. (I9430)
144 - 1870 census: at Coral, IL is Sephire Walling, 18, b. 1852, NY, residing with Louise Pike, 50; Ezial Pike, 21; Mary, 17; Aldora, 13; Rosetta, 12; and Beebee Florence, 20. Sephire Walling is a RR employee.

- 1870 census at Coral, IL with Josephine Walling Andrews and husband Ira and their children, is John Warren, 18, b. NY, RR employee. John Warren, and Sephire Walling, are the same person, counted twice in this census, actually Zephirin Walling, brother to Alexander, who also is living with their mother Josephine at Coral and is identified in the census as Alex Warren.

- Illinois Marriage Records: Severe Walling married Mary E. Clayton March 17, 1875 at DeKalb County, IL.

- 1880 census: Swier Z. Walling, 27, b. 1853, Canada, butcher, resides Marengo, IL with Mary E., 21; Bertha E., 4, and his mother, Josephene Walling Andrews, 54.
Walling, Zephirin Zotique (I12191)
145 - 1870 Census: Charles and Achsah Thayer are in Saginaw, Michigan, Ward 4. Charles, 31, works in a sawmill and Achsak, 24, keeps house. With them is son William, 9 mos., who was born in Michigan; and Achsah's brother Archibald Richards (Archibald and Charles would later relocate to Washington State.) Two houses down is his brother Philip Thayer, 42, who works in a sawmill, with wife Julia, 45, keeps house; and children Edward, 16, work sawmill; Adelia, 13 Hellen, 12 and Philip, 10, all attending school; and William, two months old. William was born in Michigan and according to Doug Thayer, is not Philip's son, but his grandson, while the rest were born Canada.

- 1910: Charles and Achsah Thayer reside Maple St., Mount Pleasant, Michigan. He is 59; she is 54 and with them is Addie Dayton, 26. They were married in 1866 and he immigrated from Canada in 1864.
Thayer, Charles (I9436)
146 - 1870 census: Joseph Robillard, 32, carpenter, b. 1838, resides with Emily Robillard, 23, b. 1847 and Joseph H. Robillard, 1, Town of Oswegatchie. He and Emily b. Canada, Jr. in NY.
Robillard, John Joseph (I21835)
147 - 1870 census: Martha Strong, 4, resides Town of Oswegatchie with parents Joseph Strong, 41 and Jane, 42; and, Mary A. Strong, 22, b. Canada; John, 21; Elizabeth, 9; Joseph, 11 mos., all b. NY; and Catherine Bishop, 80, b. England. Catherine may be Jane's mother. This indicates the family came first to Canada where Mary was born in 1848, and then moved to St. Lawrence County where John was born in 1849. Joseph Strong is a sailor.

- 1880 U.S. census: Mattie Strong, 14, b. abt. 1866, NY, is residing in Ogdensburg, NY with her brother-in-law, Charles Herridge, 39, and his family, wife Sarah, 29 (Mattie's sister;) and children Lizzie Herridge, 3 and Lida Herridge, 1. Her parents were both born in England. Mattie's sister, Elizabeth, 19, is boarding with the William Albany family.

- 1910 U.S. census, St. Lawrence, Ogdensburg: Mattie is 43 years old and is living with her husband Nathan (46) and two daughters Ruth F. (20) and Cora A. (18). She was born in New York state, both her parents were born
in England. Mattie and Nathan have been married for 21 years. No occupation is listed for her.

- 1925 N.Y. census: Mattie is 56 years old and is living at 726 Congress St. with her daughter, Cora, Cora's wife, Roy Jones, and their children. She is still working in nursing.

- Grave is located in Ogdensburg Cemetery, Ogdensbury, N.Y. at Range 20 Lot 29 Stone reads "Nathan Allen Como / 1863-1913" and "Mattie S. Como Wright / 1867-1955" Cemetery Index reads: 1925 Como Mattie, wid nathan, nurse 726 Congress.

- Mattie's duaghter Ruth said that her mother was full-blooded English. She said that Mattie's mother died before she (Ruth) was born in 1890, and that Mattie's father died when she (Ruth) was about 2. Mattie was a nurse. She lived at 726 Congress St. after the death of her husband in 1913.

- Ogdensburg Journal, Jan. 6, 1955: Mrs. Mattie Wright, who would have been 88 years of age on Jan. 13, former Ogdensburg resident and widow of George Wright of Galilee, died Tuesday at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Hutt of Owego, N.Y. Mrs. Wright had been a member for many years of the First
Congregational Church of this city. A prayer service will be held Friday at 2 p.m. in the chapel at the Ogdensburg Cemetery with the Rev. Edward J. Sizeland, Congregational pastor, officiating. Burial will take place in the Ogdensburg Cemetery. Surviving beside Mrs. (Ruth) Hutt, a daughter by her first marriage to the late Nathan Como; are two son-in-laws, Fred Hutt, Owego, and Roy Jones of Ogdensburg; a granddaughter, Mrs. Jay Stewart of Baldwin, N.Y.; two grandsons, Paul A. Jones, this city, and Donald R. Jones of Chauteaugay, also four great grandchildren, several nieces and nephews in this city. 
Strong, Matilda (I9288)
148 - 1870 census: Simon, 27, resides Town of Oswegatchie, St. Lawrence, NY with wife Hattie L., 23. He is a barber. Marceau, Simon (I11936)
149 - 1870 census: Thaddeus Hastings, 20, b. VT, works in woolen factory, resides Rossie, St. Lawrence, NY with wife Hannah, 25, b. NY and William Hastings, 41, b. VT (presumably Thaddeus' father?)

- 1880 census: Hannah Hastings resides in Gouverneur, age 32, b. NY, marital status: divorced. She is residing with her mother Sophia Smith, 52, and her father-in-law, Jason Smith, 79.

- In November, 1884, Mrs. Hannah Hastings is mentioned as among those who have illuminated their private homes for the holidays. 
Thayer, Hannah (I12756)
150 - 1870 census: Thaddeus Hastings, 20, b. VT, works in woolen factory, resides Rossie, St. Lawrence, NY with wife Hannah, 25, b. NY and William Hastings, 41, b. VT (presumably Thaddeus' father?)
Hastings, Thaddeus (I12759)

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