The Methodist Church at Caroline and Montgomery Streets was constructed in 1850 and enlarged in 1890. The First Presbyterian Church on Ford Street was constructed in 1819 - the parsonage in 1839. The church was damaged or destroyed by fire in 1858, and the present structure completed in 1866.

John B. Taillon and Sons was established in 1895. Mr. Taillon was born near Cornwall, Ontario, and came to Ogdensburg in 1870. He entered the employ of the late J.H. Vallee who conducted a dry goods business in one of the stores now occupied by Nathan Franks Sons. In 1876 he left Mr. Vallee to enter the employ of Nathan Frank, with whom he remained until 1893 when he formed partnership with George Algie Brothers. This firm continued until 1909 when Mr. Algie sold his interest to Mr. Taillon and retired. Later, Mr. Taillon admitted his sons to partnership. The Surprise Store opened its doors to the public in 1902 in a small store at 12 Ford St. and gradually expanded into one of the largest retail stores in Northern New York. R.W. Dobisky was general manager.

Coal Dealers - 1884

Gilbert & Derochie, 96 N. Water

George Hall & Co., 52-54 N. Water

Ogdensburg & Montreal Coal & Towing Co.

John Hannan, 44-46 N. Water

Boot & Shoe Dealers - 1884

C. Beatty, 27 Ford

John Carsuell, 52 Lake

John Kelly, 73 State

McCarthy Brothers, 54 Ford

Allen McTavish, 26 Ford

Power & Burke, 38 Ford

Alden Vilas, 10 Ford

Wallace & Wells, 36 Ford

Charles Waterman, 6 Lake

Bakeries - 1884

W.H. Daniels, 39 Isabella

William S. Hill, 89 Ford

Thomas Sayer & Son, 60 Lake

Constables - 1884

W.H. Baker, 17 Pickering

Abel Coleman, 8 Mill

P.R. Leonard, 67 N.Y. Ave.

Machine Shops - 1884

Gates Curtis, 36 Lake

John Glass, 34 Lake

Marble Works - 1884

John Haffery, 89 State

Patrick Madden, 23 Chaterine

Kastener & Irwin, 93 State

Master Masons - 1884

James Maguire

James M. Maguire

Ranson Montgomery

George NewMyer


Transportation: 3



Railroad Ferry loads cars near Lighthouse

All images on this page courtesy Ogdensburg Public Library

Grain Elevator

Grain elevator later replaced with concrete structure on Riverside Drive.

Shipload of Wood

Vessel delivers wood to paper mill, later Diamond National.

Hall's Coal Derrick

Grain elevator and Hall Corporation's coal derrick.

Ships at Elevator

Ships docked at downtown elevator in this view of the Ford Street bridge.


Large vessel in drydock, probably at shipyards area.

Train Under Bridge

Locomotive passes under an unknown bridge in city area.

Railroad Pier

Photo shots from railroad pier shows lighthouse.

"Whaleback" Barge

1896 photo of vessel identified as a "whaleback" barge.

Another Barge

Group of men on barge at unknown dock.

Load of Timber

Ship delivering timber to paper mill.

Joseph Dubrule

Steamer Joseph Dubrule.


The Levis, named after 2nd. fort at Ogdensburg at Chimney Isle.

The Massena

The Massena "starting on her Tuesday trip Aug. 20, 1896"

Unknown Vessel

Ship docked possibly behind Library Park.

Lower Harbor Elevator

Vessel docked at concrete elevator in lower harbor.

Launching the Averell?

This may be the launch of the Averell or a sister ship in 1916 from the Rutland harbor. The ships were later purchased by Canada Shipping Co.

Sea of Ropes

This view of an unidentified vessel shows the many ropes necessary, even for a steamer, as revealed by the stack to the stern.

At Dock

Boat rests at dock, possibly behind Library Park.

...Another view

At least one tug in this photo.

More Ships

Possibly at the same docks.

Twin vessels

Names are not quite distinguishable on these ships.

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