The first hotel in the city was the American Hotel, erected in 1904 at the corner of Catherine and Washington Sts. The Seymour House, corner of State and Ford, was formerly the St. Lawwrence Hotel. The main building was built in 1842, and an addition, in 1851. This historic structure, visited by such notables as President U.S. Grant and from which news of the attack on Fort Sumpter was read, was razed prior to Ogdensburg's "Urban Renewal" period of the 1970s, which destroyed downtown and the character of the city. The Norman Hotel, later the Elmore Hotel, was built in the 1880s on Ford street, to include a store and 40-car garage on Catherine St. The site was originally occupied by the National Hotel. In 1897, a two-story addition was built on the rear for a dining room and 21 bedrooms. In 1900, this addition was torn down and a five-story brick building erected. In 1911, the further addition of a one-story concrete garage in the rear of the hotel on Catherine St. was built. When prohibition was put in force, the barroom was converted into a store, and later used by Oneida Creamery Co. The New Ogdensburg Hotel was formerly the Irwin House, and then the Nelson House. It was one of the oldest buildings in Ogdensburg between Ford and Washington Streets and erected in the days of the Parishes. Extensive sheds in the rear for years, served as stalls for thousands of horses, and were later used as a garage. In 1925, an annex linked the hotel to the Temple block, at the corner of State and Ford Streets. The Welton Hotel was located at 206-208 North Water St., the main street of the North Country, Indian trails in colonial times, and a landmark of the oldest business section of Ogdensburg on "marble row." The Oswegatchie Hotel was located at 25 Lake Street in the second ward. The Maple City Hotel was located at 109 Patterson St. and the Union Hotel, at 803 State St.

Master Carpenters - 1884

Peter Byrnes, 76 Morris

John F. McCormick, 89 Jefferson AVe.

Antoine Paquette, 138 N.Y. Ave.

Urias Pearson, 31 Elizabeth

G.P. Ryan, 76 Franklin

Carlos Slocum, 41 Morris

Thomas Whalen, 61 N.Y. Ave.

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David Parish's store, constructed in 1810 and the oldest federal office building in continuous use in the country.

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1896 OFA Football Team

Among players is Henry E. Barbour, standing top left. Surnames include Tullock, Earl, Day, Stewart, O'Connor, Cook, Porte, Tallman, Baldwin, Doyle, Richter and Simmons (or Simmonds)

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Ogdensburg Athletic Club: 1897

Surnames in photo: Richter, Ormison, Chevalier, Balden, Owens, Tallman, Petterly, Tallman, Palmer, Earl, Simmons, Nash, O'Connor, Cunningham, Burt and Overton.

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1905 OFA Hockey Team

Surnames in photo: Westbrook, Dunn, Corrice, Hanbidge, Montgomery, McGuinn, Proctor and Sherman.

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1906 OFA Football Team

Surnames in photo: Lord, Welch, Kring, Cowie, Hutchins, Cadieux, Montgomery, Hobbs, Brown, Kirkpatrick, Karnie, Stephenson, and Sherwell.

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1906 OFA Basketball Team

Surnames in photo: Hobbs, Lord, Corrice, Stephenson, Montgomery, Kelly, Corrice, Sherman and Nelson.

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1916 OFA Basketball Team

Surnames in photo: Laidlaw, Pelow, Morris, Cowan, Lalonde, Wells, Dezell and Burgess.

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1910 Ogdensburg City Band

The Ogdensburg City Band of 1910 poses in front of White's Hotel, located at 216 Catherine St. behind the McConville Hotel. The building was later used as a bakery, and torn down in 1971. (thanks Mike Roach.) Back row, 3rd from right end between the two clarinet players is Napoleon Montroy. (thanks Bob Montroy)

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OFA Class of 1912

The 1912 graduating class of Ogdensburg Free Academy.

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Shipyard Crew

The crew of the "shpyard" in a photo taken by "Dubrule" on Oct. 2, 1916

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City Officers: 1917

Identified as the officers of the City of Ogdensburg, sworn in for the 1917 term.

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1926 OFA Band

The 1926 Ogdensburg Free Academy Band poses in front of what might by the county courthouse in Canton, NY.

General Curtis

Civil War general and Ogdensburg hero whose statue was moved to the City Dock area.

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OFA Class of 1941 Reunion

35th reunion of the OFA Class of 1941 held in 1976. Bottom Row: Unk, Isabel Conliffe, Betty Trotter, Phyllis Cunningham, Lena Feris, Mary Fournier, Unk, Unk, Arlene O'Marah and Beverly Bray. 2md row, Bob Montroy, Florence Havens, unk, unk, Pauline Fisher, Jerry  Boyer, Betty Lacombe, unk, Tony Frisina, John Burns, unk. Third Row: unk,  Eleanor Irvine, Harold Fox, unk, unk, Lyndon McAdam, unk, unk, unk. Top Row: unk, unk, Murt Smith, remainder unknown. (courtesy Bob Montroy)

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