The Gray Nuns arrived in Ogdensburg in 1863, brought here by the Fr. Lemercier, founder of Notre Dame Church (and buried under the alter) and operated the old Ford mansion located to the rear of Notre Dame and directly across from Hepburn Medical Center as a boarding school. It later became the city orphanage, also hosting a boarding and day school. In 1873 the Gray Nuns opened the French School in the western annex of the Ford mansion and the Sacred Heart Academy in the Curtis House on Ford St. In 1887, Holy Cross School was opened on Main Street near the church and St. Peters' School (the building still stands) at the corner of Green and Seymour Streets. The orphanage was enlarged in 1894 to include a north wing.

The first school in Ogdensburg met in 1809 in a stone building housing six students, located in a former store built on what was called Diamond Square, between Catherine and North Water Sts. and facing the Parish Store, now the U.S. Custom's Hosue. This was used only temporarily and as soon as Judge Ford had built his mansion on the west side of the city and moved into it, the stockade of the old Fort LaPresentation, formerly used as a dwelling by Mr. Ford, was used as a schoolhouse until "the impending trouble which culminated in the war of 1812, took place." The number of students never exceeded 8.

A company of U.S. troops under the command of Captain Cherry were located at Ogdensburg just prior to the War of 1812. "From all accounts, it appears that the men who composed the rank and file of this U.S. military company were of the lowest and most degraded portion of society, and their officers were either unwilling or unable to restrain them from drunkenness and theft. Their departure was made the scene of great rejoicing. Tin pans, tin horns, cow bells and other sweet instruments of music were used to express the great joy of the population."

The Aluminum Co. of America purchased the Ogdensburg Power and Light, Gas, and Street-Railway Corporations in 1925 and erected a building at the corner of Ford and Caroline Streets.

Dentists - 1884

John B. Austin, over 7 Ford

George H. Adair, over 47 Ford

Sanford Blodgett, over 83 State

J.R. Dickson, over 5 Ford

J.S. Neelands, over 5 Ford

John T. Newell, over 72 Ford

T.B. Perpignan, over 47 Ford

People: 2


City Industrialist George Hall, right, with friends

City Band

The Ogdensburg City Band - year unknown. The band had 25 members, and performed, among other places, at the Opera House, which had its own orchestra, below left..

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Hotel staff?

This uniformed group could have been staff at one of the city's hotels.

Morristown Gathering

An unidentified group at Terrace Park, Morristown.

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35th Separate Co.

35th Sep. Co. poses in front of the "Armory" in 1887. This was not an Ogdensburg unit.

40th Separate Co.

The 40th was stationed at Ogdensburg and the Armory in background was built for the company in 1897. Here are several annual company photos.

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The two photos at left are presented in very large format. In the bottom photo, second row, fourth from left, is Edward Cayen. (Photos courtesy of David Martin)

Unknown Troop

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Early Plow

Ana rea farmer identified as Richard Connell with horse and plow.

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County Supervisors

St. Lawrence County supervisors pose in front of the county courthouse at Canton, NY.

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Industrialist George Hall

George Hall, seated right, was the city's premier industrialist. Born at Sackett's Harbor in 1847, he headed coal, shipping, rail and banking interests. He died in 1919.

Unknown Group of Boys

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Class Photo?

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Young Men At 'Dance'

Only information on this photo is that the young men were attending a dance.

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1916 No. 2 School Team

This team photo was taken in 1916 at old No. 2 School believed to be near St. Mary's High School and to have burned in 1936. At top right is Edward Montroy. (Photo courtesy of Robert Montroy, Chetek, Wisconsin.)

Unknown Fire Brigade

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