Carters - 1884

(horse-drawn carriage)

Bailie Samuel

William W. Bailie

Henry Boyer

James Brown


Alex Derosia

Ashael Elliott

Fred H. Elliott

Michael Garno

Peter Garno

Hiland Gwinn

Robert Humphrey

Adolphus Kiah

Gilbert Kiah

Charles Kilbeath

Andrew Larock

Joseph Larock

John Larocki

Patrick Leahy

Alexander Marlow

Charles Masheau

Joseph Mills

William Mills

John Mills

James Mills

Hector Mosher

Robert Premeau

James Roney

Edward Santois

Peter Sayers

David Scott

John Vanzant

Thomas Wood

Thomas Wood Jr.

People: 3


Ogdensburg Silk Mill Band

Girl Scouts, 1939

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Ogdensburg area Girl Scouts at Camp Vigor of the Woods near Morristown in 1939. Elizabeth (Cayen) Como, 2nd row, 9th from left. Other IDs courtesy of Bob Montroy: 4th Row, 4th girl from left, Lucille Beaman; 5th row, 12th from left, Betty Green & 16th from left, Eleanor Green. 1st girl in the 2nd Row from top, group of 3, is Jane Acker

Unknown Class

City elementary students - year school unknown.

Silk Mill Team

Sport team sponsored by Ogdensburg Silk Milk in a photo made rare since it was apparently taken inside the mill. (courtesy David Martin)

Newell Employees

Employees pose at Newell Manufacturing. (photo left courtesy David Martin.)

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OFA Football Squad

Team poses at Ogdensburg Fairgrounds, located to the rear at what now is the Golden Dome, part of the Ogdensburg Free Academy complex.

1932 Baseball Team

Father J.M. Martin with 1930s team.

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1955 Students

Mrs. bovard's 3rd or 4th grade class at George Hall Elementary.Third from right, front row, is Ted Como.

Unknown Band

Band members congregate. (Ogd. Public Library)

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Work Crew

Group of workes at unknown location. (Ogd. Public Library)

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Victorian Families

Ogdensburg families from around the turn of the century, identities unknown. (County Historical Assoc.)

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Company D

Arrow points out Sgt Adrian Montreuil (Montroy) in photo of Co. D. taken in 1916 at the Plattsburgh, NY Barracks. (courtesy Bob Montroy)

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Silk Mill Band

Ogdensburg Silk Mill Band - year unknown. The Manhattan Silk Co. formed in 1905 on Ford St. and for many years was the largest industry in the city, employing 400.

1933 Champs

OFA freshman girls' home room champion basketball team of 1933. Back row, Jane Wallace, Leola Paradis & Phyllis Ryan; front row, Irene Ladouceur, Irene Premo, Barbara Streeter, Wilma Downey and Eunice Robinson. (courtesy Roy Perry)

Roy Perry of Ogdensburg is the grandson of Ida Mae Fleming Nichols. Her brothers Edmund, Philip, Gideon & George Fleming and their father Patrick were all ships captains, working the St. Lawrence & Great Lakes. Among relatives are, top right, Cap. Edmund Fleming, seated and wife Julia McKee Fleming, sister Mrs. Samuel (Eugenia) Golden and probably Capt. Philip Fleming and wife Elizabeth Morau Fleming. Infant below is likely Bertha Mellon, likely daughter of Mary Abigail Fleming and George Mellon. Infant on swing is niece of Patrick Fleming. Death notice in French of Georgianna Fleming. Top left, Lema Fleming Lowry, 14, in photo on St. Lawrence vessel. Nurse photos are of Marie Amanda Rebecca "Maude" Fleming, Class of 1907 or 1911 Hepburn School of Nursing. And Don Perry, uncle of Roy Perry, on his grandfather's Model A delivery car parked in front of the Perry Grocery Store on Mechanic St. in the early 1930s. (courtesy Roy Perry)

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